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December 2010


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Dec. 2nd, 2010

August 24

Another day has gone by, the government is releasing new stories about the rumors floating around that the virus could have been exposed to our meat. Of course, they decided that the story was that nothing was wrong, it was perfectly safe to continue eating red meat, and that the development for a vaccine for the developing virus.

Best of luck to them with that.

I'm considering putting together lists in the next few days; safe places to evacuate to, good inventments in the ways of food - that sort of thing.
Every time I start though, as you're about to see, I get terribly scatterbrained.
So I'm sorry about the uncomfortable broadcast tonight.
I'm just starting to lose my mind.

Dec. 1st, 2010

(no subject)

I'm Kate Webber.
I prefer it over Cathy.
The Year is 2039.
God, I'm a nervous wreck. I don't even know what I'm doing here.
For some reason, posting all this seems like it might be a good idea.

Clicking on that little play arrow above will let you listen in on a pre-recorded entry.
I plan on doing one a day, for as long as I can.

 With the recent discovery of some weird ass gene that reanimates corpses, I guess we're all just trying to prepare. Other bloggers are posting and making their own records of escape routes, should the worst come about. The East coast seems safe for now.

In honesty, I don't know how bad this is going to get.
I don't think anyone does.
Some are going to go crazy and buy everything they can in  an attempt to be safe - in an attempt to be prepared. But if we're dealing with the walking dead, there really isn't a way to be prepared, is there? We have to hold our breath and hope for the best and pray to god, gods, whoever, that there is some shred of hope that we can make it out in the end.
No one's thinking that far ahead though.
No one but the conspiritors.

My plan, as of right now, is to head as far North as possible. My thinking is that the higher I get, the colder the bodies could get. IF (it is a big if after all, thinking that the government won't be able to contain this) there are zombies, and no one's saying there are, not yet, they won't be able to function in the cold. Not without body heat.

So onward to Canada - if things get bad.

Let's hope they don't

Prepare to survive.
Good luck.